Do you need a specific service beside farm management? We offer the following:


Farm mechanisation is a crucial input for improving agricultural production. Without farm power and the appropriate tools, implements and machines that can support the production of marketable surpluses, farmers would struggle to emerge from subsistence farming. With increasing demands for food and agricultural products being exerted on the planet’s natural capital base, the essential role for sustainable mechanisation in production systems development becomes increasingly obvious.

We provide array of farm mechanisation machinery and implements:

Tractors, Tillers, Harvesters, Cultivator, Trailer, Seed Cum Fertilizer Planter, Seed Dressing Equipment, Pesticide Sprayer, Thresher, Weeders, Plougher and Harrower


Agroseeders  provides management and advisory services to investors in the agricultural industry in Ghana and West Africa. We are a s fast growing organization chiefly involved in management and implementation of agricultural projects. We offer a range of services for the ultimate in customer satisfaction.

We are contracted to manage farming/agricultural businesses on behalf of a wide range of agricultural investors. Under contract to our clients, we develop and manage agricultural/farming assets, which include the farmland and the farming operations conducted on it. We also source for land for clients willing to purchase or lease.

Our management service covers livestock and crops (annuals or perennials) . Our expertise is in the management of commodity diverse agricultural enterprises. The principal behind this organization is to cater for the various needs clients have yet lack the time to source for individuals or firms that can carry out tasks satisfactorily.

We also  offer reliable services for clients in the Diaspora who have land or intend to farm in Ghana but do not have the personnel to manage their farms satisfactorily and with professional expertise and qualifiable and quantifiable outcomes.


We are dedicated to providing farm advisory services to farmers; enhancing and promoting the entrepreneurial spirit in rural areas; increasing general public’s awareness about the possibilities of  engaging in Agriculture ; and fostering the rural development and rural business start-up in general.

Our main goal is to improve the livelihoods of farmers by offering them the best and most professional and personalised advice in the field of agriculture and according to the context of their own business needs and aspirations. We believe that agriculture is one of the core drivers of economic growth in Africa, and therefore we want to contribute to the productivity and competitiveness of farmers


Soil testing and profiling involves collection of soil samples to determine the nutrient requirements of plants due for cultivation. This will help to optimize crop production, protect the environment from contamination by runoff and leaching of excess fertilizers, aid in the diagnosis of plant culture problems, improve the nutritional balance of the growing media, save money and conserve energy by applying only the amount of fertilizer needed

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