Discover the simplicity of farming

We get you setup

We have two options to get started: select a farmlets – at least an acre on our farm estate OR provide land – at least 50 acres of your own land



We do the farming

For us farming is business. Our team of business managers, agronomists, farm managers, agric extension officers and risk managers pay intense attention to detail at every step of the project to ensure maximum production and profit. We engage, train and employ local community members on our farms leading to sustainable jobs and rural community development.




Earn after harvest

Technology and improved variety helps us have good yields at optimal costs. Our partnership with off-takers and the best produce buyers in the market results in the highest value for your harvest. Alternative, your produce can be transported to you or a buyer of your choice. Start your farm now!




Crystal Clear Reporting

Since you would be farming remotely, our team would constantly send you updates on farm activities through email and our web app.

Our collaborative farm management system enables multiple users to view budgeting, scheduling, milestones and comment on each activity. This enables organizations, business partners, families and friends monitor a particular farm project. Our cloud-based solution brings it all together by ensuring everyone has the information on the status of the farm.

We would encourage you to follow our social media pages for snapshots, fun facts and promo announcements. You can also request to visit the farm anytime by contacting our Operations Manager.

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