Frequently Asked Questions

Can I provide my own land?

Yes. You can provide your land or a leased land. We can help you acquire or lease a well documented and litigation-free land.

Will the harvest be shared or I get the full harvest/yield?

You are entitled to the entire harvest. We do not take a share of the harvest unless there’s a default in fees or an agreement is reached to that effect with management.

What interest or percentage do I receive?

You are NOT paid a percentage or interest on any payment. Your payment is a service charge which includes farm inputs, larbour, farm management fees and insurance (optional) for running your farm. Just as with real estate construction firms where you own the building after construction, you own the farm and entitled to every single harvest – in full.

What is the mimimum size of land that can be cultivated?

For farmlet – that is farms on AgroSedders’ estate farmland, the minimum is an acre. For self owned land, it’s a minimum of 50 acres.

Can I own the farm forever? (farms on AgroSeeders Farm Estate)

For tree crops, your own the farm throughout it productive life. However, seasonal crops (e.g. vegetables) are season based contracts. You can also opt for a multi-year contract.


Can I visit the farm at any time?

Yes. Kindly contact us to book a visit.

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