Source: Strive Masiyiwa

I once saw a poster that said, “I farm, you eat.” It made me stop in my tracks because most of the past, present and future of the world is in those four words… Other than the universal need for fresh water and clean air, the need for adequate and nutritious food, especially for our young children, is what unites our shared humanity across the globe, as painfully divided as we can be in other ways.

The global food market is huge and the need for food never-ending. With so many uncertainties across the Earth, there is at least one thing we can count on: Everyone will continue to need nutritious food… Always and forever. This is not only a growing market but a critical human need that we must use our entrepreneurial #mindset and #technology to meet in more innovative, effective and profitable ways.

Business opportunities abound “from farm to fork” as they say… and even before the farm and after the meal is over, too!

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